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Pitaya Mousse Ice Cream

    By cookcall


    1 pitaya

    1/2 cup cheese cream

    1/4 cup yogurt

    30 grams / 1 ounce white sugar

    1 teaspoon vanilla extract

    1 piece gelatine

    1/2 cup light cream 


    1. Rinse the pitaya, separate the peel from the pulp


    2. Chop the peel, drop the peel in the food processor to process into jam, dice the pulp, set aside


    3. Pour cheese cream in a bowl, mix until smooth


    4. Pour yogurt in the bowl, mix until even


    5. Pour vanilla extract and 1/2 of the white sugar in the bowl, mix until even


    6. Melt the gelatine, pour in the bowl, mix until even, set aside


    7. Pour light cream and the remaining white sugar in another bowl, mix until smooth, pour in the yogurt mixture, mix until even


    8. Pour the pitaya jam in the cream mixture, mix gently


    9. Fill a pastry bag with the cream mixture


    10. Squeeze out the cream mixture in the mousse mold, shake gently to remove air bubbles, put the mold in the refrigerator to refrigerate for 1 hour, freeze for 3 hours


    11. Serve, frost with the pitaya pulp