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Rose Mallow Flower Rice Gruel

    By cookcall


    20 fresh rose mallow flowers

    1/2 cup rice

    2 tablespoons sweet rice

    30 grams / 1 ounce rock sugar


    1. Pour the rice and sweet rice in a bowl, wash, pour some water in the bowl, soak for 30 minutes


    2. Trim the rose mallow flowers, rinse, soak in water


    3. Rinse the rice, pour in a stew pot


    4. Pour some water in the pot, cover the pot with a lid, heat the pot over low medium heat, stew for 2.5 hours


    5. Drop the rock sugar in the pot


    6. Tear up the rose mallow flowers, drop in the  pot, mix until even, continue to stew for 10 minutes


    7. Serve