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Stewed Duck With Red Mushrooms

    By cookcall


    700 grams / 1.5 pounds duck, chopped

    1 piece ginger, sliced

    1 cup dried red mushroom

    1 cup wine

    1 tablespoon salt

    2 tablespoons cooking oil


    1. Heat a pot over high heat, pour some water in the pot, drop the duck in the pot, bring to a boil


    2. Boil for 1 minute, take out the duck, rinse, set aside


    3. Rinse the pot, heat the pot over medium heat, pour cooking oil in the pot, drop ginger in the pot, stir until fragrant


    4. Drop the blanched duck in the pot


    5. Stir until golden


    6. Pour wine in the pot


    7. Pour some boiling water in the pot, bring to a boil, remove scums


    8. Pour all the mixture in a stew pot, heat the stew pot over low medium heat, cover the stew pot with a lid, stew for 2.5 hours


    9. Rinse the red mushrooms, soak in water


    10. Pour the mushrooms and soaking water in the pot, continue to stew for 10 minutes, season with salt


    11. Serve