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Mung Bean Sprouts And Leeks Stir Fry

    By cookcall


    250 grams / 9 ounces mung bean sprout

    250 grams / 9 ounces leek, sliced

    1 dried red chili, sliced

    2 garlic cloves, chopped

    2 tablespoons cooking oil

    1/2 teaspoon salt

    1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar


    1. Rinse the mung bean sprouts, drain


    2. Heat a pan over high heat, pour cooking oil in the pan, drop the garlic and chili in the pan, stir until fragrant


    3. Drop the mung bean sprouts in the pan, pour little water in the pan, season with salt, pour apple cider vinegar in the pan, stir until tender


    4. Drop the leeks in the pan, stir quickly until even


    5. Serve